CooperFit™ is a cardiovascular fitness test that provides an accurate prediction of a patient’s fitness level by measuring their predicted VO2 max or aerobic capacity. Based on 50 years of research from Cooper Clinic, aerobic capacity can be used to provide a patient’s level of fitness in one of six categories:


The science is clear—fitness is a vital sign™. Research* shows being fit benefits the quality and quantity of life:

Decreased risk of dying from all causes*
Decreased risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer*
Decreased risk of dementia* and later-life depression*
Decreased Medicare expenditure*

Just as blood pressure, cholesterol and other biometric markers assess an individual’s health, measuring cardiovascular fitness is essential and critical to preventing, diagnosing and treating disease.


CooperFit is for anyone looking to obtain a valid and concrete measure of their current fitness level. It is then used as a starting point for the individual to understand where they have to go with regards to scoring out of the bottom 2 categories, therefore optimizing their health.


The individual taking the test needs to be able to consistently walk 1 mile or run for 12 minutes on a treadmill without holding on.


The process of the CooperFit test consists of the participant walking for one mile or running for 12 minutes on a treadmill while wearing a heart rate monitor. Proctored by a CooperFit professional, the participant is guided to walk or run as hard and fast as they can. The participant performance result (predicted max VO2) places them into one of six categories of fitness, ranging from very poor (0-19%) to Superior (95-100%). The results are specific to the patient’s gender and age in five-year segments and are based on the 326,000 collective treadmill stress test records from Cooper Clinic.


Upon completing the CooperFit test, you receive a coaching session to review your fitness results and, as necessary, an individualized, Cooper-developed walking program. This walking program help’s participants to gradually increase their level of fitness, therefore scoring out of the bottom two categories.

Scoring out of the Very Poor and Poor fitness categories can provide improved quality of life, a decrease in health care costs, and decreased risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer, dementia and later-life depression.



includes CooperFit™ Test and 30-Day Membership.
Membership begins after test is completed.