“Understanding your fitness can add years to your life while adding life to your years with CooperFit™.”

– Tyler C. Cooper, MD, MPH, President and CEO of Cooper Aerobics

CooperFit™ is a cardiovascular fitness test that provides an accurate prediction of a patient’s fitness level by measuring their predicted VO2 max or aerobic capacity. Based on 50 years of research from Cooper Clinic, aerobic capacity can be used to provide a patient’s level of fitness in one of six categories:

  • Very Poor
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Superior

CooperFit is performed on a treadmill with the patient running or walking for a specified period of time while wearing a heart rate monitor to measure their VO2.

Beyond the Test
Once a patient’s fitness level is determined, the CooperFit program provides cardiovascular exercise recommendations specific to that individual with a retest performed at 12 weeks for those who fall in the very poor or poor categories.

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