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Mental Wellness Workshop Series

Learn through Engaging, Experiential Workshops from Health Care Professionals and Wellness Experts. Put it into practice with complimentary classes from The Atlantic Club!

The Atlantic Club and Hackensack Meridian Health of New Jersey are proud to announce a partnership to deliver free mental health workshops to the community.

The series of mental health workshops will cover topics such as, letting go of stress, mindfulness and meditation, living intentionally and much more. The workshops will be led by health care professionals from Hackensack Meridian, will be a mix of virtual and in-person events and are free of charge to the community. In addition, fitness and wellness experts from the Atlantic Club will provide an experiential portion during each workshop including movement, stretching exercises and demonstrations of mindfulness tools that can be incorporated into everyday life.

The workshops will be followed up by a complimentary Master Class open to the public, held at The Atlantic Club, Manasquan.


All sessions are available virtually via Zoom.

Register for a few or for all, at the button below!

March 23rd 7:00pm: Letting Go of Stress: How to Adapt, Cope, & Thrive
Kelly Briggs, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC, HNB-BC
This presentation will discuss the nature of stress, types of stress and gives language to the emotions associated with everyday stress. Effective coping skills and relaxation techniques will be shared with detailed instruction to offer new ways to respond to stress. Through experiential learning, participants will discover strategies to improve overall health and well-being.
MASTER CLASS: Intro to Yoga & Meditation | Thu April 7th 6:30PM

April 27th 7:15pm: Resilience in Tough Times
David Leopold, M.D.
This presentation will discuss the impact  of stress and the pandemic on the fundamental components of health. Building physical and mental resilience can help you better adapt to life-changing events, cope with turbulent times, and bounce back from hardship and tragedy. Participants will learn the causes of declining health and proven strategies to change behavior  that improve resilience and overall health and well-being.
MASTER CLASS: Strength45 Class | Thu May 12th 6:30PM

May 25th 7:00pm: Healthy Emotions: Positive ways to Release Anger and Anxiety
Melissa Calt, M.D. and Zain Memon, M.D.
Learn about normal anxiety and disorders, the connection between anxiety and anger, effective coping skills and treatment options. Recommendations for self, partners and families will be shared to manage your feelings in a Healthy Way.
MASTER CLASS: Triple Threat Circuit:
RIDE, TRX, Boxing | Thu June 9th  6:00PM

June 29th 7:15pm: Mindfulness Meditation
Kathleen Welshman, RN-BC, BA, NBC-HWC

Meditation can help decrease stress and anxiety and is known as an effective means of improving resilience. This session will provide benefits of meditation and how to begin incorporating mindfulness practices into your everyday life. Participants will experience a guided meditation and enjoy a mindful pause to gain a sense of renewal, peace and balance.
MASTER CLASS: Morning Meditation | Sat July 9th 7:00AM

September 21st 7:15pm: Nutrition Balance for Optimal Health: Enhancing the Immune System
Marissa Winters, RD
During the pandemic, many lessons were learned about the importance of nutrition and the immune system. This presentation will focus on five key nutrients to nourish your body, mind, and heart with the healing power of food. Participants will learn which foods contain these vital nutrients and learn a great new recipe to support immune health.
MASTER CLASS: “Setting up your Pantry & Fridge for Success” Virtual Workshop | TBD

October 26th 7:00pm: Gratitude & Living Intentionally
Rev. Cindy Wilcox
In the past two years most of us have had an opportunity to  push the ‘restart’ button in at least one area of our life.  Does our life align with our goals and values in appropriate ratios? Join Reverend Cindy Wilcox, for this interactive discussion where we take the time to reflect, reevaluate and renew our mind, body and souls. Show up, burn bright, live passionately, and leave the rest up to Divinity
MASTER CLASS:  Guided Meditation | Thu Nov. 3rd 6: 30PM

November 30th 7:00pm:Managing Stress in the Holiday Season
Rachel Wallace, LCSW
“Keep the Fa in your La and the Holly in your Jolly”
Do the holidays make you stressed and feeling blue?  The holidays can be full of joy, but for some it brings stress, depression,  and other challenges.  Rachel Wallace, LCSW, LCADC will provide information and support to attendees to explore improved coping during the holiday season
MASTER CLASS 1: Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra | Thu Dec. 8th 6: 30PM
MASTER CLASS 2: RIDE, TRX, Yoga Cool Down | Thu Dec. 15th 6: 30PM